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Splash Spinning Tortoise Sprinkler

6.950 KD
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Turtle Outdoor Water Sprinkler for Kids and Toddlers-You never know where waters going to go with the Sprinkler. This Turtle has 6
crazy legs that wiggle all around and shoot water in every direction. Who knows where it goes next.
-Everyone loves when kids are active. It's healthy fun and it burns off all that excess energy. Bring
home the Sprinkler to get your children running around the yard. It's good clean fun for everyone.
Free-Swinging Sprinkler-Cute turtle shape and free spray design different from other sprinklers, this kids sprinkler toys spray randomly with its five colourful wiggle tubes, the playful effect of water will make your child fascinated
Easy to Use-Just connect the turtle sprinkler to the garden hose, you can immediately start your water game, and easily have fun Safe Sprinkler Toys-The sprinkler can spray up to 8 feet and the water pressure is moderate. It is absolutely safe for your children and pets. The children's sprinkler is made of non-toxic and durable materials and meets US toy standards
Your Family Water Park-For the whole family, summer has never been this fun. Connect the rotating turtle sprinkler to the hose, turn on the water, and let the children run around and soak. When playing together, it can promote the relationship between children and parents

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