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Sequence Dice

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Roll the dice and place a chip on a corresponding number on the gameboard. Roll a 2 or a 12 get another turn. Roll a 10 remove an opponent's chip, roll an 11 place your chip on any open space! Get 5 chips in a row and you win!


A great game to enjoy with your family!
2 to 4 Players.
Combining equal parts strategy and chance, Sequence Dice puts grownups and kids on an even playing field.
Set up the small game board and choose a color, then start rolling the dice.
You get to place a colored chip on any open square matching your roll, though some rolls let you make special moves--or even remove an opponent's piece!
The goal is to place five of your pieces in a row, which is fairly challenging on the 6-by-6-inch board.
The game is fun and quite addictive--you might find yourself up past bedtime!
Contents: Folding Game Board, 2 Game Dice, 60 SEQUENCE Playing Chips, Game Instructions.

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