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Magnetic Darts

5.950 KD
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looking for a high-quality dartboard that is safe and will not scuff your walls with hundreds of little pricks? Funsparks Magnetic Dart Board is for you! There is nothing more annoying than tossing a magnet and it not sticking to the board, or it sliding down the board as it lands, it just doesn't have the same feel as pointed darts. At Funsparks we understand that quality is virtually everything when it comes to our products and we've made sure that we have the top of the line magnets that stick where you hit them every single time. -Enjoy time with friends or family and compete for one on one or have multiple players at once. The packaging includes a variety of ways to play allowing you to hone your craft -We've put small markings on the board to show what the points are for each space in case you want to save some time doing the math - A fun throwback game for kids and the whole family - this dart game includes: 3 red and 3 green magnetic darts and 1 magnetic dartboard with a keyhole slot on the back to make hanging and mounting easy wherever you want to play This retro design is a modern lightweight version of its counterparts, the standard for magnetic darts and provides a great experience. Test to see who is more accurate and see who can hit the target or bullseye first.

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