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Human body puzzle

4.950 KD
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    • Skills learned include anatomy, memory, logical thinking, concentration, dexterity, and problem-solving.
    • Improves the hand-eye-coordination and hand flexibility.
    • Discover how our body parts, organs, muscles, and bones function.
    • Age 6+



    Top of Form

    Bottom of Form

    • Helps children learn faster while playing.
    • The educational toy is designed to entertain, challenge, captivate and educate children and adults.
    • The game is built to withstand frequent use during your child’s developmental years.
    • The game is a great gift to give children for special occasions and birthdays
    • Ideal for the whole family.
    • Provides the opportunity for the family to bond while learning and playing games.
    • Up to four people can play the game at a time

    4 x Body game board
    4 x Puzzle body
    1 x Turntable
    1 x Manual

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